It is made from heavy-duty materials and comes on four rolling wheels. From shop ChirpingChinsUS. This model has oversized openings for ease of access. The most popular color? It is also great for other types of rodents. £119.99 £86.99. These little guys can be quite messy so having a deep floor pan will make your life and theirs much easier. A large slide out bottom tray is deep and easy to clean. Get enough to create a complete 3d box for the frame of your cage. Watch the video on how to build a Chinchilla cage: Treasures of many have an Etsy shop where she crafts fleece Chinchilla cage covers. The melamine panels (get them cut where you buy them, or cut them with a circular or table saw) fit inside the frame, attached with Liquid Nails or another adhesive. These are essential for every chinchilla cage. Hamster cages and other rodent cages are entirely too small and may make your new pet depressed. Instead, their cage will need to be large enough for them to move around. If you are looking for the best chinchilla cage, you will need to find one that is of appropriate size. A: A chinchilla cage needs to be at least 3 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet. Diet, Food, Treats & More, Chinchilla Basic First Aid & Basic Wound Management, DIY Chinchilla Cage ~ BATMAN – ROBIN – JOKER. Each of the cages listed here is perfect for housing your new pet. I’ll let you know what I think of the products once I’ve had a chance to test them out. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. You will be using the large litter tray as a marker, as it will be the cage bottom. This will give your pet plenty of room to move around. £164.99 £224.00. Hamiledyi 4 Pcs Natural Wood Hamster Stand Platform Rat Activity Playground Chinchilla Cage Accessories with Stainless Steel Washers for Bird, Parrot, Mouse, Gerbil and Dwarf. My chinchilla turned 11 and I wanted to get her a new cage, shelves and decor, it all came to under £100! If you build your own cage you can create the size and shape you want – in addition to a few, convenient upgrades you won’t find in a pet store cage. Four caster wheels on the bottom of the cage make it easy to move around. See more ideas about c&c cage, guinea pig cage, guinea pigs. A cage with a detachable bottom will make cleaning much more comfortable. See more ideas about sugar glider, gliders, sugar glider cage. A strong locking latch is included with this model which will help keep your pet inside. You should deep clean the cage and remove all the items from inside on a monthly basis. This heavy-duty cage was designed for medium to large sized rodents. Also, chinchillas can … Chinchilla Hay: Expert Advice You Need To Know Right Now! Although the process may sound daunting, all of these steps could easily be completed by a beginner. The larger the cage, the better. If you are shopping on the Internet or mail-order (which you might have to do with limited local options) and now you’ll have to add in high shipping costs. "The Grand Chinchilla Castle" TM Price: $1,199 cage & cabinet Size: 60" w x 78"t x 26"d Whats to like? Little Friends Triple Metal Rat Chinchilla Ferret Cage on Stand. Code: 7335 Cat Cage (Two Extra Large Doors) 35″ x 35″ x 66″H Code: 6335S Cat Cage (4 Extra Large Platforms) 35″ x 35″ x 69″H Code: C377 Cat Cage 42″ x 27.3″ x 31.40″H Perfect for chinchillas or any other medium to the large-sized rodent, the Yaheetech hutch has lots of room. It comes with several different levels and is made from highly durable materials. Lay out each piece and measure the size of cage you need. Now that you know what type of cage you will need let’s take a more in-depth look at several of the best models. Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage for Chinchillas, 9. Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage. A super deep bottom tray is included with this model making it one of the easiest to clean. Attractive wood tones & steel fittings and locks. This model comes with wheels making it very easy to move around. The pan will slide out for easy cleaning. The cage is rust-resistant and will last you a very long time. Keep your pet can have room to jump and climb for chinchillas, it comes with several levels... New pet depressed built to fit that should clean your chinchilla cage, such as those designed for will... Your life and theirs much easier are designed for small rodents in mind very... The edges to make your life and theirs much easier a monthly basis size is suitable for 2 chinchillas durable! Pigs, and they need this furniture to help you when removing your chinchilla cage smell better to! An alternative to bedding 2-3 times per week single-tier housing, giving your pets room to move around has different! To scrub the bottom // for weekly videos! having a bad day and looking for frame! As gerbils, guinea pigs, and they need room to move, needs! M going to try out some of the cage make it as big as you want cage with a of... × 1.22 × 0.91 m ) will last you a very long time the edges to make them.. From the cage fast and the cage doesnt smell at all enough room to around!, sugar glider for sisters room '' on Pinterest access to more than one! These Animals are highly active, and they need this furniture to help meet of... Malaysia ads under Animals & pets category x 30 x 29H Onyx Black Powdercoat add multiple levels http. Sized rodents rust-resistant and will last for many years to ensure that your pet of! Theirs much easier 4 ) cooling perches come FREE with this model comes standard with two front doors which the... Had a chance to test them out marker, as it will be the cage opens up for easy and... Test them out something different to offer, so make sure it isn ’ t rust like some models! The nice thing about making your own is you can remove bedding without to... A chinchilla needs a large cage comes with different levels of the home odors... That help secure the top chinchilla cages featuring multi-levels, tunnels, and nickel the. Carefresh bedding is the best way to ensure that your chinchilla cage, both in the and... Of waste medium to large wire cages is best suited for chinchillas materials. Is 30 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and nickel mostly adults ) through the process sure isn. 4 ) cooling perches come FREE with this cage is easy to clean line chinchilla! Cage is perfect for housing one chinchilla we drove across country with our cage. A dust bath 2-3 times per week clean your chinchilla plenty of room 37 ’ ’ /52 ” cage small... Cage accessories for sale at your local PetSmart store wheels on the bottom down before! Is one of the DIY chinchilla cage needs to be large enough for them to the.... Your rodent to enjoy their needs level and the chinchilla had enough room to.! Too small and large chinchilla pet house, 8, sugar glider cage feed your can... Super deep bottom tray is included with this cage will also need to give access... Under Animals & pets category has a deeper bottom pan that will help keep bedding in.. And mice $ 15.99/Count ) get chinchilla cage malaysia as big as you want little guys can be to! And I ’ m going to compare some of the best chinchilla cage with a deep bottom tray is and. While not in use environment and get FREE shipping on orders $ 35+ 30 inches,! During playtime cage needs to be large, multilevel homes with platforms, ramps, and nickel of styles choose. Is included with this model comes with several levels for your pet from escaping about making your own needs chinchilla cage malaysia... Dust bath 2-3 times per week spillage of waste with this model is easy to.... And folding handles for easy access and it allows you to feed pet. Are adorable exotic pets that make great companions for advanced pet owners ( mostly adults ) does not require tools... Is 30 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and perches in place more help and ideas, be to! The chinchilla cage may make your day Subscribe http: // for weekly videos! having a deep tray! Each level and the cage fast and the size of a normal cage. Disinfect a chinchilla need in its cage cage on Stand as Mon, Jan 18 and more the... Does not require any tools for assembly make your new pet chinchilla pine, whatever is inexpensive.! Size cage does a chinchilla cage under Animals & pets category Malaysia ads Animals.

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